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Each of my Get the Lead modules are designed to give you information, tips and advice that’s quick to consume and implement.

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Module 1:
Why Connectors Get More Leads

Have you spent time and money on networking memberships only to find you’re no better off? Ever wondered why it’s so easy for others to Get the Lead?

In this module, we explore the difference between a networker and a connector, diagnose why your efforts aren’t working and teach you what to do differently.

Ideal for: Established small business owners and startups

    • Networker versus connector
      What’s the difference?
    • Review your networking style
      Are you a connector or a networker?
    • Why connectors get more quality leads than networkers
    • The demise of old-style networking
      Why outdated networking no longer works in today’s world
    • The art of true connection
      Understand the basis of true connection. Why ‘Like, Know, Trust’ builds rapport, earns credibility and encourages authenticity.
    • Networking the connector way
      What connectors do differently and how to emulate their winning style.
    • Your network is your net worth
      Your network is an untapped goldmine of opportunity. Start using it!
    • The cost of a lead
      The cost of finding new people to connect with versus the cost of tapping into your existing network via a relationship roadmap
    Upon completion students will be able to:

    • Understand the difference between a connector and a networker
    • Identify why connectors Get the Lead
    • Redesign your approach to networking by adopting, and applying, new techniques
    • Discover the value of your existing network
    • Identify the cost of finding new leads versus nurturing those in your existing network with a relationship roadmap

    Module 2:

    Becoming a connector starts with you. You are your brand, and every quality conversation or interaction — whether it be in a business environment or social setting — has the potential to generate leads. By changing your mindset and adopting the principles of connection in all areas of life, enjoyable and seemingly effortless lead generation will follow.

    Ideal for:

    • Small to medium sized business teams not meeting their lead targets
    • Business development managers contracted to small businesses
    • Established small businesses with no budget for a business development manager
    • Solopreneurs looking to invest in their own abilities
      Startups looking to thrive
    • Connectors born or made?
      Is the power to connect innate or can it be fostered?
    • Can introverts become connectors?
      Dispelling limiting myths
    • Different types of connectors
      Find out why connection isn’t a one-size-fits-all affair
    • Famous connectors
      Modelling your connector style on those you admire
    • Connector mindset
      How adopting this mindset will ensure you Get the Lead
    • How to implement a SUPERCONNECTOR’S mindset
      Including givers gain, 5-minute favours, core beliefs and daily practices
    • 12-steps to becoming a SUPERCONNECTOR
      How to elevate your connector status
    • How SUPERCONNECTORS create their own lead opportunities
      Tried and tested methods you can adopt
    • Opportunities SUPERCONNECTOR never miss
      How to identify and convert them to Get the Lead
    • The SUPERCONNECTOR action plan
      Develop and enact your SUPERCONNECTOR action plan
    • Understand what a SUPERCONNECTOR is and why they Get the Lead
    • Identify your innate connector characteristics, and those to be developed and honed
    • How to adopt a connectors mindset to Get the Lead
    • Understanding and implementing the 12-steps to becoming a SUPERCONNECTOR, with self-assessment strategy

    Module 3:
    Connector Essential Skills

    True connection is impossible without trust but how do we earn it in a suspicious world? Cultivating longstanding trust begins with building rapport. From here we can build a relationship over time. This is the basis of the ‘Like, Know, Trust’ a philosophy that will not only ensure you Get the Lead, but allow you to build better relationships in your personal and professional life.

    Ideal for:

    • Small to medium sized businesses seeking to optimise communication
    • Business development managers striving for excellence
    • Startups looking to thrive
    • Like, Know, Trust
      Why ‘Like, Know, Trust’ builds rapport, earns credibility and encourages authenticity
    • The gentle art of building rapport
      Why the process cannot be rushed
    • Building rapport with all
      Learn the different ways in which men and women communicate
    • Understanding your rapport building style
      How to identify, and build on, your distinct style
    • The curious mode
      How leading with curiosity can lead to an entirely different outcome
    • The instant connection toolkit
      The power of active listening, matching and mirroring, and peeling the onion
    • What’s in a name?
      The power of hearing our name and techniques for slippery memories
    • Elicit an ‘eager want’
      How to elicit an ‘eager want’ (want to buy, or want to refer)
    • Lead conversion
      Steps to detach from the outcome, assert influence in lead conversion, negotiate and remain flexible without coming across as needy
    • Build instant rapport with all, earn trust and Get the Lead
    • Understand your rapport building style and strengthen your skills to Get the Lead
    • Acquire high-level interpersonal skills: lead with curiosity, active listening, matching and mirroring, remembering names, eliciting an ‘eager want’ and detachment from the outcome
    • Practical exercises and self-assessment: Utilise your new skills in the real world, and analyse and compare your results

    Module 4:
    Effective Connecting in the Digital Age

    The way in which we work was inexorably altered by COVID-19. In response to the disruption, we ramped up email communication, turned to online video conferencing and flocked to social media. Through this attempt at narrowing the space between us, we have lost many of the fundamentals of what it means to truly connect. Mindful connection requires that we respect individuals, value contributions and ensure equitability. Our attempts at rushing forward typically lead to miscommunications and delays. But if we slow down, communicate thoughtfully and listen attentively we can meaningfully connect online.

    Ideal for:

    • Small to medium sized businesses looking to Get the Lead online
    • Business development managers wanting to hone their skills
    • Solopreneurs looking to invest in their own abilities
    • Startups looking to thrive
    • Contact fatigue
      The problem with always being contactable and how it can kill your lead generation ability
    • Digital miscommunication
      How the written word can be misinterpreted and cause a disconnect, and how to avoid it
    • ‘Like, Know Trust’ essentials
      How to build real connection and elicit an ‘eager want’
    • Online connection etiquette
      Respectful, and appropriate behaviour, in the new frontier of online business
    • The importance of your personal brand
      In today’s technology-led world, the first impression you make is often an online one. Establishing a professional public profile highlights your expertise, establishing you as an industry leader and ensuring you attract quality, qualified leads.
      Find out more about PERSONAL BRANDING 
    • The importance of stepping out from behind your keyboard
      Utilise audio features — via Messenger and WhatsApp — to add a personal touch to your communications.
      Represent your brand, and encourage engagement, by creating the high quality, value-delivering content your ideal client seeks.
      Find out if PODCASTING is right for you
      Find out if VIDEO is right for you
    • The relationship between reputation and credibility
      The indelible mark of bad online behaviour
    • Google audit
      What is it and why should you do one?
    • How to connect within a group, identify a lead, and take it offline without breaking the group rules
    • Which groups are best to join?
    • Reaching out through Messenger as a one-on-one strategy
    • Show up authentically and build your tribe
    • Case studies and testimonials from real world wins
    • Why LinkedIn is a great place to Get the Lead
    • How to write a connection request that will be accepted
    • How to build connections via Sales Navigator
    • How to use Sales Navigator to create a target list
    • How mutual connections can lead to warm introductions, saving you from cold calls
    • Case studies and testimonials from real world wins
    • Navigating the pitfalls of virtual networking
    • How to ensure a fruitful virtual networking outcome
    • Virtual networking checklist
    • EDM campaigns
      Why you need to review your email campaign strategy. How email automations can prevent you from connecting to Get the Lead
    • Emails that cut through and connect
      How to write emails that will spark interest, develop ‘Like, Know, Trust’ and ultimately Get the Lead
    • Email Introductions
      A definitive guide to writing email introductions
    • Be mindful and skilled in how you connect online
    • How to leverage Facebook, LinkedIn and virtual networking to Get the Lead
    • Understand the importance of your online reputation and how to improve it
    • Assess and improve your online etiquette
    • Protect your online reputation by completing a Google audit
    • Prepare for virtual networking meetings with ease
    • Use breakout rooms to your advantage
    • Crafting a non-salesy pitch
    • Write emails that connect to Get the Lead

    Module 5:
    Relationship Roadmap

    Feel like you’re on a road to nowhere? Without a roadmap, you are. Understanding where you want to take your business helps you decide the types of people you need to connect with. Once you know who you’re looking for, you can figure out where to find them.
    The first place to look. In your existing professional and personal networks.

    Ideal for:

    • Small to medium sized business teams not meeting their lead targets
    • Business development managers contracted to small businesses
    • Established small businesses with no budget for a business development manager
    • Solopreneurs looking to invest in their own abilities
    • Startups looking to thrive
    • Your current lead generation strategies
      What’s working and what’s not
    • The demise of old-style networking
      Why outdated networking no longer works in today’s world
    • The importance of a relationship roadmap
      Do you have a roadmap, or are you driving blind?
    • Nurturing leads
      How to play the long game and succeed
    • Technology fails
      The pitfalls of CRMs, automated EDMs, and Messenger chatbots
    • Smarter technology
      Connection software that will help you build ‘Like, Know, Trust
    • Identifying your targets
      Who must you connect with to meet your business goals?
    • Connection disconnection
      Your number of social media followers and contact listers does not equal connection. Learn the difference between connections and a contact list
      Making the right connections
      Who are you seeking and where will you find them?
    • The perfect number of connections
      Why there’s a limit on how many relationships we can successfully manage
    • Talking to strangers
      The value of weak links
    • Creating your relationship roadmap
      Building and implementing your strategy
    • Diagnosis of current, unsuccessful lead generation strategies
    • Identifying who to connect with to achieve your business goals
    • Identify gaps in your existing network and how to fill them
    • How to make technology work for you
    • Create and implement a relationship roadmap to Get the Lead

    Module 6:
    Conversion Through Positioning

    Nobody likes the hard sell. With nurtured leads, the sale occurs because you have positioned yourself as the best choice, the most trustworthy, the one who understands, the one who is flexible enough to make the solution work. No scripts, no sales pitches, just conversion through your position as a trusted source.

    Ideal for: Business owners, business development managers and sales teams looking to convert leads without pitching, selling from a script or dreading the close.

    • Positioning solution
      How having a positioning solution is different from closing a sale
    • The positioning solution toolkit
      Master the 10 critical skills
    • How to position yourself to convert a lead
      Develop your own positioning solution
    • Self-sabotage during the positioning solution
      How to identify self-sabotage and reverse it
    • Follow up
      The importance of nurturing leads
    • Human tollbooth
      What is a human tollbooth and how do they convert the lead?
    • Become a human tollbooth
      How to transform yourself into a human tollbooth
    • Understand what a positioning solution is and why is beats old style selling
    • Master the 10 critical skills in the positioning solution toolkit
    • Develop and apply your own position solution
    • Recognise self-sabotaging behaviours and overcome them
    • Review follow up techniques to nurture (not kill) the lead
    • Become a human tollbooth

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