Experiential Live Learning

‘Tell me, and I’ll forget. Show me, and I may remember. But involve me, and I’ll understand.’

Our live learning programs are tailor-made to suit the needs of your business or business team.
First, we get to know your business. What do you do? Who is it for? Where are you going? What’s holding you back?
From here, we build an experiential live learning package, designed to go beyond the classroom and fast track you to achieving your specific goals.

We have three options to get the most from your experiential live training with Marg. Not only will you learn the exact steps and strategies she uses to Get the Lead for her own business, and her clients, but you will actively seek leads with her as your wing woman!

It’s time to invest in YOU

You’re putting in the work, day in day out, and it still isn’t bringing you quality leads. You double your efforts. Still nothing. Why isn’t your hard work paying off when your competitors make it look effortless?

They are trained and you are not.

Without acquiring the skills that will ensure your success, you’re grasping in the dark, hoping to land the leads you so desperately need.
Here’s what you need to Get the Lead:



Let’s talk quality. Targeting quality leads means you invest less time for more gain. But how do you find the people that perfectly align with what your business needs?


Finding a new lead is more costly than retaining a client. Ensuring your clients feel valued and appreciated earns you repeat custom and referral. 


Getting this far means nothing unless you can position yourself and ask for the sale and get it.


You’ve found the contact but what will it take to open that door? You’ve got one shot at a first impression, make it count.


You’ve got their attention, now what? An oily sales pitch isn’t going to cut it. How do you show up in a way that differentiates you from all the others vying for business?

Invite Marg to train your team

Collaborate directly with Marg

Immerse yourself in learning