Live Experiences

Inhouse Training

Our Live learning Inhouse Training is divided into three modules and delivered over a six month period.

Its most suited for businesses with sales teams or teams of Business Development managers


Module 1: Learn it

Get the lowdown on how to Get the Lead

This module delivers the theoretical foundation of connecting to Get the Lead.

We delve into why the outdated networking practices of the past are no longer effective in today’s business environment, and present the alternative: the art of true connection. From here, we build your connection toolkit.


Module 2: Be it

Get involved to Get the Lead
Now that your toolkit is bursting, let’s get out and use it!!
Leaving the safety of the classroom, we dive into real-world networking events so you can engage your connector mindset and test the learnings in a supported setting.
Here, you receive specific and actionable feedback which can be immediately implemented to hone your skills and bolster your confidence at an accelerated rate.


Module 3:  Get it

Get out there and Get the Lead
You have the knowledge, you have the experience, now it’s time to identify the untapped opportunities around you, build your relationship roadmap, show up authentically, practice generosity and connect to Get the Lead.
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