Get Away to Get The Lead

Small business owners are time-poor, spread thin and forced into being reactionary. How are you expected to learn and implement the latest business development strategies when servicing your existing client base is the top priority? And while weekly networking events sound good in theory, in practice they just demand more of the time you don’t have, while syphoning funds for very little reward.

Participant numbers are capped at just eight per retreat to ensure meaningful, tailored coaching with Marg over the course of a relaxed mid-week stay.

Get Away to Get the Lead Retreat

13 – 16 February 2023

Maximise your lead conversion, hit the ground running for 2023 with award winning, globally accredited face profile expert, Alan Stevens and lead generation expert Marg Lange.

Leave with a tight knit bonded group of 8 who ‘get’ the value of connectional intelligence that is required to build each other’s businesses and buffer any economic down turn that maybe coming your way.

Your family will thank you for the time you invested away to master superior communication skills for better personal relationships.

Have you ever felt like you just want to stop the world so you can get off?

My Get Away to Get the Lead Retreat offers you just that. It’s an opportunity to press pause on the ceaseless and fruitless lead generation strategies you currently have in place. A chance to gain some perspective, unwind, recharge and invest in a new and enjoyable way to grow your business.

Join Alan Stevens and Marg Lange at Summer House Retreat Jan Juc to recharge, reset and immerse yourself in professional development.



To ensure you get the most from your retreat experience, you will attend a Relationship Roadmap Plan workshop with Marg prior to departure.

It’s here you will be guided through what to expect from the program and identify your business goals for 2023 and 75 people you need to meet to get you there. Because mining our rich existing networks is more beneficial than cold calling, so this is where we will begin. It is from this list that you will implement your Get the Lead learnings to secure two meetings post-retreat, guaranteed.

Next, you will be granted access to a private Facebook Group for your retreat, giving you the opportunity to not only connect with the other seven retreaters and workshop presenters — targeted lead generator and connector coach, Marg Lange and award winning, globally accredited face profile expert, Alan Stevens — but also put forward, and combat, any difficulties or barriers you are facing in business or in preparing for the retreat.

Listen to Alan Stevens as to why this is a MUST attend retreat:



  • Enjoy luxury, shared-room accommodation at Summer House Retreat Jan Juc.
  • Scheduled relaxation time, gourmet chef-prepared food & wine, spa treatments and mindfulness practice and connecting with nature.
  • Welcome to country didgeridoo ceremony by the firepit after a wine tasting and cheese platter with a local Wine maker.
  • Face Profiling workshop with award winning, globally accredited face profile expert, Alan Stevens.
  • Under Alan’s guidance, implement your learnings from the Facial Profiling workshop, in a fun and interactive people watching game over lunch on the promenade in Torquay.
  • Introduction to Relationship Road map Plan which features Marg’s 5-minte favour technique plus coaching on how to make phone calls and craft emails to Get the Lead.
  • Networking like a Connector workshop with targeted lead generator and connector coach, Marg Lange. Learn the art of Building Rapport, Active Listening, Matching and Mirroring and How to ‘Peel the Onion’ by asking quality questions.
  • Attend the Connector Cocktail Party, poolside. Dress to impress and enjoy a canapé supper while implementing the learnings from Marg’s Networking like a Connector workshop.
  • Nurturing your ‘targeted” lead workshop where we will strategically assess the 75- professional and personal connections you prepared prior to the retreat and identify your top lead targets.
  • Implement retreat learnings to secure appointments with two of your top lead targets for the following week.

NOTE: Any spa treatments/golf rounds you may wish to access in your down time needs to be booked and purchased separately.


Pre retreat and Retreat only: $3470 inclusive GST

Book now and receive a complimentary Accommodation Voucher from Marg for you and your family valued at $900!!! Only available with every

The voucher entitles the holder to a mid-week, four-day, three-night holiday for two at participating four-star accommodations located in idyllic locations across Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia.

Well, it’s only fair that if I am taking you away from your family to improve your communication skills, I want to give back by gifting you this voucher when you book.

Want more support or learnings on retreat?

Check out my optional VIP upgrade.

Optional VIP upgrade: Need more time with Alan and Marg? Book your 30-minute one-on-one session with Alan and/or Marg on retreat for extra support.

Add $275 inclusive GST to the retreat only price. I promise you won’t regret it.

Want to keep the momentum of your transformation, your leads and buffer your business for any curve ball that may come your way?

Post-retreat-The next 90 days with Marg and Alan by your side

  • Group coaching follow up with Alan on Zoom to prepare for the two meetings secured by retreaters. This coaching session will focus on how to Get the Lead during the two scheduled meetings.
  • Six, weekly one-on-one coaching calls with Marg to support you as you nurture targets and secure high-quality leads.
  • Access to Marg’s little black book of connections with facilitated warm introductions by Marg
  • Marg to attend 3 Networking events with you as your wing woman
  • Access to Marg’s events where your leads will be invited.
  • Send Handwritten Linked in 50 strategies guaranteed to get you past the gatekeeper
  • Send Handwritten Linked in profile makeover and strategy session.

Investment inclusive retreat: $8470 including GST

This opportunity is by application only as we need to ensure the right 8 people attend.